Blue and White Concrete Building
Blue and White Concrete Building

Resilient Design: Is It the New Sustainability?


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Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes that occasionally occur have been an issue lately in the construction industry. With these natural disasters going on, construction professionals cannot completely ignore this and that drives them to discuss about building resilience and sustainability. Engineers, architects, developers and contractors are now giving more importance and focus to resilient design, as an immediate way to mitigate climate change’s impact.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what resilient design is all about, its principles and strategies, and most importantly what resilience has to do with MEP design.

What is Resilience?


The term resilience often describes the ability to become accustomed to changing conditions as well as capable of maintaining and recovering functionalities after an abrupt disruption. In the simplest definition, resilience is the capability of recovering after a massive disturbance. With infrastructures being resilient, any communities could be able to maintain bearable conditions in any form of disruptive events like natural power loss and natural disasters.

Resilient design is commonly defined as the process of designing landscapes and buildings to mitigate the mild to extreme impact of changing weather and other occurring external threats. This design is specifically focusing on realistic and practical solutions. Thus, contractors who are not just to manage project but also have to be keen in designs should also be practical and realistic at the same time. Staying up to date with any latest trends from the industry is also a must-do. Progressing and adaptability is proven easy when getting more informed or immersed with any of those emerging

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