Concrete Mix
Concrete Mix

Ready Mix Concrete vs. Site-Mixed Concrete: Comparison, Pros and Cons


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Concrete is one of the most extensively used construction materials. It is manufactured using natural ingredients and is considered recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is made up of three basic components: aggregates, water and Portland cement. There are two main types of cement used in the construction industry – site-mixed concrete and ready-mixed concrete. Choosing the most suitable type of cement for construction projects is extremely vital. While both types are sustainable for concrete construction, one might be more beneficial compare to the other varying on project conditions.

For this blog, we are to compare both ready-mix and site-mixed concrete, including its pros and cons.

Why is a Good Concrete Mix Essential?

A good concrete mix creates a foundation of a sound and firm infrastructure. It involves a streamline of the preparation process wherein a mix of materials creates the required durability and strength for the concrete structure. Because each ingredient in the mix has consisted of distinctive properties, it is challenging to develop a better concrete mix. All components must be tested first to determine the physical properties of it. The bearing capacity of the current project location is also another factor.

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