Engineer Inspecting a Construction Site
Engineer Inspecting a Construction Site

Procurement Management in Construction: Types, Process and Flow


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In the eye of many, managing construction is depicted by this picture: manual labor, mountain heap of raw materials, and non-stop operation in order to build the structure according to an owner’s vision. While they are not wrong, they do not see this: a stack of project documents, disorganized file cabinets, and spreadsheets of monitoring to keep everything in order and on file. However, as much as this interpretation of construction has been embedded in people’s perceptions for many generations, this can’t go on for long.

In a slowly transitioning digitization world, paper-driven procurement has a bad rep on a company’s bottom line. Manual inefficiencies brought about by this conventional method costs construction companies a considerable chunk of cash due to missed discounts, long purchase cycles, transaction disputes. Trying to improve the procurement processes with outdated tools such as file cabinets and the spreadsheet is like trying to power a microwave with steel and flint.

To take full advantage of the early purchase discounts, companies need to throw away the stone age procurement processes and embrace technological and digital solutions.

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