How Dependency On Emails Is Hurting Your Construction Business
How Dependency On Emails Is Hurting Your Construction Business

How Dependency On Emails Is Hurting Your Construction Business


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What is an email? That thing you check approximately a million times a day. That thing that your construction team does even more often, the black hole that never ends- you even know the notification sound by heart now. It is the “task” that makes anyone feels oh so productive while often doing a lot of nothing.

Now, we know you have probably heard various reasons why email is pointless, a waste of precious time, and we’re not here to repeat these facts to you. Instead, here are what we are saying:

Email, for what it’s worth, is considered a groundbreaking discovery back in its time- but its reliability for companies is numbered. In 2014, research showed that email consumes 23% of an average employee’s workday and that an average employee checked their email at least 36 times an hour. As of 2020, those numbers reached 306.4 billion emails sent and received daily across the globe.

If you’re starting to understand what a cumbersome email represents and wonder whether it might be harming your construction projects, gold star. Complete dependency on email in construction may drastically fail to provide the best solution to various needs in the construction industry and outside it. In summary, email creates a system of disconnected data and information, increases human risk, and wastes time, overall decreasing a company’s productivity daily.

Plus, ponder on this question: When it comes to managing construction data and correspondence, should we trust the same tool our parents and other ancestors use to forward their spam chains letters?

In a nutshell, is email in construction ruining or dampening your projects? Let’s take a quick look at that question today and what you should be investing your resources on instead of email.

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