Drywall Finishes
Drywall Finishes

Guide on Levels of Drywall Finishes


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Depending on the circumstance, the level of drywall finish necessary can vary in every place. For example, while the house is being built, the client may want to have a fully furnished drywall. There can also be times that a client may want a drywall that is not painted yet because of a shortage in the budget or for design purposes. And there can also be times that a client wants a certain level of “unfurnished” drywall because it will be used temporarily or because it will not be visible to other people, and the client thinks that having it fully-furnished will only be a waste of money. For whatever reason, clients and projects’ preferences and needs can vary, which is why a drywall contractor needs to be familiar with the different levels of drywall finishes so that he or she will be able to easily identify what kind of finish a project needs or a client wants. And on the side of clients, it will also be easier for them to ask for what they want if they know the different levels of drywall finishes.

For some reason, a drywall business or contractor can have numerous projects scheduled within the same month or even week. For this reason, a business or contractor needs to handle many projects at the same time. The specifications and customizations made by clients must be always met. It is also essential that they keep track of what kind of drywall finish a drywall project needs to avoid confusion and conflicts. Furthermore, other than these tasks, a drywall contractor may also have several other tasks such as creating a crew schedule, keeping track of transaction records, crew monitoring, and ensuring that the crew is having an efficient way of communication. But what can be done for a drywall contractor to be able to do all of these things? Currently, there are many 

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