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Fixing Popped Nails and Screws in Drywalls: A Guide


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Popped nails and even screws indicate a recurring problem behind the drywall, and this can be unavoidable because it appears anywhere on the surface. Reattaching the drywall directly to the frame will keep the issue from popping up all over again. To prevent popping nails from displaying and showing again, minor fixes can be applied to drywall quickly. The primary goal is to get rid of this problem forever.

Here in this blog, some of the most detailed procedures to fix this nail popping issue is outlined.

What are Nail Pops?


The small circles that often protrude from drywall both in ceilings and walls are identified as nail pops. Basically, the nail bulges and does not protrude further, yet they crack the paint surrounding them, running in horizontal and vertical lines. Nail pops are often described as cosmetic imperfections that show up in interior walls and drywall ceilings. Popping nails might not affect the wall structure, but in great numbers, the wall might lose drywall sections.

However, hammering back the nail pops frequently works, but it doesn’t fix the problem. When the drywall has been installed after two months, nail pops are slowly showing up again, one by one. There could be other reasons why nails are popping, and it serves as a sign. Potential signs can be identified like either the structure has different issues, or the building is perhaps settling. Using

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