What Are Some Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Painting Contracting Company
What Are Some Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Painting Contracting Company

Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Painting Contracting Company


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How To Effectively Market Your Painting Contracting Company


Starting a company is one thing, but managing construction and trade businesses is another. Once the painting contracting company is up and running, most contractors face a common problem: generating leads and clients. Getting customers doesn’t just happen immediately. You need to put in some time and effort into marketing– from choosing the best strategies and skillfully executing them.

As a painter and business owner, you’ll have to identify your target audience and the types of clients you want to attract, commercial or residential. Job order costing would be different between the two. Commercial clients generally offer bigger jobs, longer contracts, and more money. However, residential painting jobs are typically less time-sensitive, giving more opportunities to work on more jobs.

In this article, we’ll give you a few marketing strategies that will help you build and grow your painting contracting business. 

 and that number is predicted to grow to 243 million by 2025.

With a large number of social media users, you would be able to amass a significant following if your social media activity is done right. You don’t have to be a part of all platforms; strategically choose the ones that best suit your field and business. Given that your business is painting, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best platforms to be active in as image-centered platforms. You can post before and after photos of your jobs, as well as the other services you offer. 

More than that, there are some indirect benefits to social media. Because it’s easy to connect and share, your customer’s reviews, testimonials, and referrals can help gain more leads.

2. Develop a professional website

A company website allows viewers to access information on your company in one place easily. For better chances of getting leads to convert, the site should be clear, simple, easy to navigate, yet informative.

Initially, you’ll need a primary site that contains the essentials: contact information, logo, services, areas of service, positive client reviews, links to social media pages, and necessary forms. As you progress with your company, you can continue polishing it. You can even hire a professional developer to make the site cleaner.

Local SEO

An effective way to get your website out there is with SEO or search engine optimization. Include key terms about your location and services on your site and add to them several pages, headers, headlines, and footers to increase the chances of it being found online. 

You can even create a team dedicated to SEO for better optimization. Writing content like articles that are related to painting also helps with SEO.

1. Claim and grow your Google My Business Profile

Before choosing a company to work for them, people will tend to do a quick online search. Being on top of that list is extremely beneficial because you are one of the best.

 One of the first things that pop up when people search for your business online is your Google My Business Profile. On it would be your contact information, location/s, business hours, and a chance for clients to rate your business. 

To make a Google My Business profile, you must first claim your listing. After that, verify that all the information you put is accurate and add any that may be missing. Next, check if there are already existing reviews. If there are none, ask customers to leave one through any acceptable communication strategy, direct mail, digital mail, social media, or even through your website.

When they leave a positive review, send them a short message about how you liked working with them and hope to again in the future. This will show that you genuinely care about your clients, making them want to work with you also.

If they leave a negative review, go over the issue/s and the details about the job. Once you’ve understood the reason behind the review, you can start to resolve any issue. And instead of providing a counter and defensive statement that could lead to an argument, tell them that you appreciate the critiques they offered. This will show that you value their opinion and are open to improvements.

2. Take advantage of online ads.

Running ads online is another highly efficient way to attract a substantial number of potential clients. There’s various types to choose from, from ads on social media to Google pay-per-click ads.

Although it would require a chunk of investment, online ads take very little time to set up and you can essentially run it on autopilot once it’s programmed. There are even tools that can help you manage and maintain these ads on your own.

Online ads are one of the best marketing strategies if your target market spends a lot of their time online.

3. Connect with mail– direct and digital

Whether directly or digitally, mail will always be a great way to get the word out about your company and its services. 

For traditional direct mail, think of print advertising techniques like flyers and hang on doors. While this method’s target is more general, a wider net will be cast and give you more opportunity to reach new clients.

On the other hand, digital mail is widely more convenient than traditional mail. You can send newsletters, special offers, and additional information with just a click of a button. For example, you have a painting discount promo inline with the summer. Instead of printing thousands of copies for this flyer announcement, you can send an email that will directly notify the people of your special offer. There is even software available that can automate the email campaign and manage your list.

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