Construction Scope
Construction Scope

Creating a Well-Defined Construction Scope of Work in 5 Easy Ways


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One of the most important parts of construction agreement is the scope of work, even more essential than the agreed price. Without a well-defined SOW, there’s no possible way to determine what work should be implemented. It only means it is very crucial to establish the scope during the contracting period.

Furthermore, writing a scope of work (SOW) is an integral part of the construction business for many contractors, particularly those who handle large-scale projects. The statement of work defines specific details and phases for a particular project. It will also showcase the flow of the plan and the actions taken. SOW is a well-organized document where the business plans are spelled out in full detail.

For this article, let’s begin understanding the scope of work including its 5 components and a 5-step guideline for creating one.

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