HVAC Winter Problems
HVAC Winter Problems

Common Cold Weather Problems And Safety Tips For Young HVAC Technicians


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With the winter season just right around the corner, people are heavily relying on their heating systems to give them warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, their heating systems don’t really hold up in the extreme cold. This makes winter one of the busiest times of the year in the HVAC trade– besides summer, of course.

Consequently, contractors have to use , icy and slushy roads kills over 1,300 Americans and injures 116,000 every winter.

So, even though punctuality is essential in this trade, you should always put your safety first. 

7. Bring spares and extras.

It’s better to have more of something than not enough. Aside from extra layers, bring a different set of clothes to change if you get wet from the snow or sweat. Packing snacks will also help in keeping your energy up.

8. Have an emergency kit

An emergency kit is always something good to have. Aside from the usual stuff for cuts and scrapes, you also need:

● A power bank to charge your phone;

● Jumper cables in case your car stops;

● A shovel to clear snow and ice;

● Some blankets;

● Flares; and

● Sand or salt to help with traction.

9. Have a buddy system

It’s always safer to have a companion with you. Your buddy can help out with HVAC-related issues while on the job, watch out for hypothermia symptoms, and keep you safe in general. Of course, you would do the same for them. Contractors can use project management tools to assign and dispatch their techs with partners instead of working a job alone. If they don’t, ask them if you can bring a fellow technician with you.

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