electrician working on switchboard of house building construction site
electrician working on switchboard of house building construction site

Becoming an Electrician: Classifications and Steps


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Electricians carry a skill set that is essential for us who are living the modern life to proceed with our day-to-day lives efficiently, comfortably, and safely. Electricians are skilled and specialize in installing, repairing, maintaining, and supplying electrical wiring systems in both commercial and residential areas. They are capable of trade professionals who are trained to address different kinds of concerns regarding electrical power and equipment. And because of the technical knowledge and experience required and the risks that electricians are in, there is a list of strict qualifications that one must first accomplish, and extensive training that one must first undergo to become an electrician and be part of this field of profession. Moreover, to grow and to become an expert in this line of work, further training and experience are necessary.

In the field of electricians, there are different categories that people can be classified into depending on their licensing and experience:

  1. Journeyman Electrician

The basic level in the categories of electricians is the journeyman electrician. People continue their education and improved their skills to move on to a higher level such as a master electrician, although for some, it is their final goal. Becoming a journeyman electrician means a person has finished apprenticeship or has gone to a trade school or community college, has worked a specific number of hours, and has already become licensed. A journey electrician is capable of doing jobs independently. They are completely trained and can work on all types of installation, maintenance, and electrical design. But journeymen electricians cannot train apprentices (although this may vary), pull permits for electrical work, or lead a job site. The requirements to become a journeyman electrician may also vary depending on the state.

  1. Master Electrician

From being a journeyman, after acquiring a certain number of years of experience depending on a state and by complying with specific requirements that can also vary depending on the state, and by passing an exam, one can become a licensed master electrician. People who become master electricians have acquired years of experience, a deep understanding of the job, and a strong skillset from being a journeyman electrician for years which enables them to train apprentices, lead an electrical crew, and direct projects. Becoming a master electrician also brings high salary projects, job security, and an opportunity to work as an electrical contractor.

  1. Electrical Contractor

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