Zero Punchlist (ZPL)
Zero Punchlist (ZPL)

8 Strategies to Achieve Zero Punchlist (ZPL) That You Can Adapt Now


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A punch list is a vital element of closing out of any project in which a contractor creates a document that lists any work that has not been completed or been incorrectly done. The punch list (also called snag list if you’re in Ireland, New Zealand, U.K, or Ireland) needs to be completed before a project can be considered finished in compliance with the contracts’ conditions in construction before it can be turned over to the owner. Generally, the contract includes the right to withhold payment until all the punch lists have been completed and the owner is satisfied with the final output.

Fun fact: the word “punch list” derived its name from the old method of punching holes in the margin next to the specific item on the list, indicating that the task is carried out correctly.

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