7 Technology Trends in the New Age of Construction Innovation
7 Technology Trends in the New Age of Construction Innovation

7 Technology Trends in the New Age of Construction Innovation


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Construction innovations worldwide are advancing more rapidly than ever before, with 29% of construction companies reporting to the  that they are now investing in technology to help manage construction operations. True enough, these technological investments pay off significantly, as the  shared that almost 70% of contractors firmly believe that advanced technologies improve project scheduling, increase worker’s productivity, and enhance a company’s overall safety.

Knowing this, there is no more exciting time to be part of the construction industry, unlike today. As it continues to grow and change in an accelerated phase, innovations will further bring about more advancements and development than we could have ever imagined. 

In today’s blog, we will explore and uncover all the innovations we believe will shape the construction industry’s future as we know it now.

 had acknowledged AI to have the most potential to increase industry profits by up to 71% by the year 2035 is not something you shouldn’t take note of. 

Some of the ways you could benefit from AI software for construction are as follows:

  • Manage core construction documents
  • Organize specification books and submittals
  • Extract contract compliances items from drawings
  • – No item left behind with its detailed programming
  • Ensure safety protocols are met at job sites
  • Identify potential safety hazards and risks
  • Mitigate risks quickly
  • Generate customizable reports on set benchmarks


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