Working on HVAC system
Working on HVAC system

5 Surefire Ways to Get More Online Reviews for Your HVAC Business


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Anyone who runs an HVAC business and is involved in the HVAC industry knows that word of mouth is the lifeblood of the business. When your customers are happy, they will give positive feedback, and they will immediately recommend your company to everyone they know, especially people who particularly needs your HVAC services.

Customer feedback is, and always has been, essential and valuable to any business in general. If you’re running your HVAC business, customer feedback can help you refine your service offerings and products. You can use it to help create new HVAC services and products by simply revealing customer issues, unmet marketplace, and many more.

All of the reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are crucial to your HVAC Company’s bottom line. In this blog, let’s find out the many ways you can gain tons of reviews online and how you can best respond both to negative and positive reviews.

, discussion research entirely shows how:

· 91% of people occasionally or regularly read online reviews

  • 84% trusted online reviews similarly how they trusted a personal recommendation
  • 68% form an opinion after reading 1 to 6 online reviews

Therefore, the real question, especially for HVAC companies (project leaders) that always have wanted to place themselves competitively in the marketplace and community, isn’t “Should I need to focus more on improving our review profile?” Instead, the question should be asked “Which HVAC review sites deserve my attention and time?”

Also, apart from figuring out the right answers to these questions, project managers are tasked to lead and direct the team, ensuring everyone participates. Not only do they lead and manage, but they also give a lot of effort to baseline a project, ensuring that the project is completed within scope and within budget.

The Impact of Online Reviews on Your HVAC Business


As you are starting to understand, online reviews can mean so much to your company’s bottom line. The reviews and customer feedback make a huge difference between a customer choosing your business or choosing your local competitors’ services instead. Oftentimes, some reviews appearing online will be your customer’s first and initial exposure to your HVAC business and the services you offer. As a result, you have to ensure that the overall experience can provide a better first impression.

Usually, you want at least a positivity rate of at least seventy-five percent in your online reviews so that your HVAC business will look attractive to new clients. It would help if you also embraced all kinds of reviews, both negative and positive because doing so will make your company appear authentic.

Reviews of all kinds will always happen, and addressing them will help you recognize your strengths and areas you lack. For instance, negative reviews are problematic, yet negative feedback can help you drum up extra business.

This is how you respond to negative reviews you’ve been getting:


  • Hear their concerns. Your very first step must be making the negative reviewer further understand that you see their reviews and recognize their main concerns. Sometimes, a lot of things can happen and you missed many things. The client can be picky or just having a bad day and just wanted to vent out.


  • Be understanding and humble. A nice and professional way to do this is to give thanks to the customer for pointing out issues that they have experienced from your company or the services you offer. It will help promote the idea of wanting to improve your company, especially in servicing area. You also become more knowledgeable of the identified issues and are willing to help the client find the best solution.  

Remember that in most cases, the issue isn’t your company’s fault. However, it would be best if you were professional because the simplest effort to meet the discontented customer halfway can work wonders. 

  • Apologize sincerely. Never forget to apologize because doing so will help your disgruntled customers feel more at ease. It also shows potential customers that your company is willing to own up to rising issues and concerns. Owning up mistakes and problems also indicates that your company is ready to take responsibility for any errors during the HVAC service process. 

Always make a genuine effort to reach out to your customers and apologize if necessary. This way, you can efficiently address any HVAC mishaps and turn any customer’s negative responses into positive feedback. Lastly, while these things happen, it’s always has been a good idea to explain the mishap. In this way, misunderstanding can be cleared, and it will put your dissatisfied customers at ease.

This is how you respond to positive reviews you’ve been getting:


Once you have received positive reviews, especially the feedback that you’re expecting, remember that your job isn’t over yet. 

  • Follow up all positive online reviews. You must follow up with all positive reviews so that you appear to be engaged and in touch with all your customer’s needs. Positive reviews are a beautiful thing, and reviews like these can provide your potential new clients with some concrete evidence that the HVAC services your company offers are top-notch and outstanding.
  • Acknowledge. When you acknowledge the presence of the positive reviews online, it will make your HVAC business more attentive, helping your potential customers understand that your company appreciates their choice of selecting your business as their service provider. It will give your clients significant reasons to seek out your company once again whenever they need HVAC services.

Speaking of your company’s HVAC services, they should be high in quality and continues to satisfy your clients. By simply

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